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Westate Pest Control carries out annual termite inspections for home owners and landlords of rental and leased properties and can quickly look after any termite problems while we're at the property. We also understand that not all Perth homes are the same and that treatment methods might need to change to match the building structure and to comply with Australian Standards. .

Westate Pest Control's professional termite technicians are qualified to carry out termite treatments and have many years of experience, including a knowledge of Perth building construction forms. We can efficiently care for the building to prevent and control termite entry from soil against the external building walls.

If you own a home, the financial investment incurred in engaging a professional to carry out a termite barrier treatment is modest when compared with the price of repairing major termite damage once you have detected a termite and termite damage. This is especially valuable with risk floor areas like hardwood flooring on concrete, as damage can happen unseen until it is too late.



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Ring Westate Pest Control now on 08 6365 4800 to obtain a quick, free, no-obligation quote to perform a preventative termite treatment to your home. .

Weve worked across Melbourne and throughout the Mornington Peninsula to keep homes safe from Termite damage. Our termite treatment methods are the industry standard, and our knowledge help us to identify termite danger areas and use the appropriate control methods with confidence. All Pests, termite protection Mornington Peninsula & Melbourne. .

Protect your property and eliminate odours without proven rodent control methods. Rats and mice can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage by chewing through electrical wires, gnawing on timber frames and eating they way. Not to mention the unsanitary mess they can leave behind when they can get you kitchen and food storage areas. .



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Buying a home or investment property is likely to become one of the biggest investments most people will ever make.

And yet, some folks are willing to let it all come crumbling down due to an invader thats only a couple millimeters tall!

Termites are nasty little pests that can carry on undetected for months or even years, wreaking havoc with the foundations of your building until you figure out even there. The average repair cost for damage to a home is $7,000, though weve all heard horror stories when homeowners have been made to part out with tens of thousands of dollars to rectify a termite problem. .

Similarly, structural problems can cause financial headaches and building problems can be present in both new and older houses.

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So, when youre in the marketplace to buy, it makes total sense to have a building and pest inspections bythe specialists as an essential part of yourdue diligence procedure.

And, being Gold Coast based exterminators Sherry's Termite and Pest Controlpoint out, a building and pest inspection is something which can"really help both parties when it comes to negotiating".



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"The seller can use it as a really good tool to give you as the buyer some critical peace of mind, especially if it was carried out by a reputable company," they advise.



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"If youre the purchaser, it can give you some understanding of if its a fantastic purchase or whether there are a couple of risks. Its like buying a used car; you would have a mechanic have a look at the car prior to making your purchase."

For an investment of a few hundred dollars depending on where you are, a combined building and pest inspection will cost approximately $300-$600 youll not only gain peace of mind, but you may also uncover valuable information to help you negotiate the purchase price.



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This was the case for property Our site investor Rebecca from Lismore, who bought a four-bedroom house earlier this season.

"I made an offer and it was accepted, but the building and pest inspection showed evidence of current termite damage in a tree stump, and preceding termite damage in the garage ceiling," Rebecca says.



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A quick phone conversation with all the building and pest inspectors confirmed the problems werent too a great deal of concern, and were in fact common of buildings of the era.

As a consequence of the reports, nevertheless, Rebecca managed to negotiate a termite treatment plan, removal of the infected tree stump and fixes into the bathroom, including a brand new bathroom and cistern.

In total, work into the value of $4,000 was carried out on the home, together with the bill picked up from the vendor!

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